Welcome to Great Australian Finance

We provide Choice, Service & Advice to borrowers seeking finance.
We represent a broad panel of lenders including all major Banks, many second tier Bank and Non-Bank mortgage lenders. We provide borrowers with Choice, Service & Advice to assist our customers to compare and customise their finance to meet both immediate and long term financial and lifestyle objectives.
All our mortgage broker are qualified professionals who are available to meet you at a time of your choosing and provide personalised advice to achieve your short and long term finance needs.
Our Finance Consultants all hold recognised Industry qualifications and are Authorised Credit Representatives registered with ASIC.

Why use us?

We work with you to achieve the best finance package to meet your immediate needs and long term objectives.
We keep in touch and assist you from your first home, all the way to retirement, mortgage advice is a lifelong process that will require review with your changing circumstances. This is why we focus on building a long term relationship with you.



We provide Choice, Service & Advice to borrowers seeking finance for:

  • Home, Land or Investment property purchases
  • Re-financing of existing mortgages
  • Residential construction, renovation or extension
  • Debt consolidation
  • Investment/Business
  • Equity Mortgages
  • Commercial Property purchases
  • Vehicle & Equipment Finance
Our Service Difference

There are few subjects more complicated and ever changing than Mortgage Loans. Today’s best deal can often turn out to be tomorrows worst. The market is full special offers, introductory discounts, professional packages and so much more, all aimed to attract the new borrower or to encourage borrowers to switch Lenders.
Customers who deal directly with a Lender, are only ever exposed and sold the products of that Lender regardless of better options available with others. The research task of shopping around is extremely time consuming and usually focuses only on a few aspects of comparison like rates and fees. The best or right solution may never be found because only limited aspects are being considered.
The value and benefits of dealing with us are evidenced in our approach to your needs.
We take the time to know you, your needs and financial situation before researching the market.
Service is provided at no cost to our clients (unless very complex advice or major loan restructuring is required) as we are paid by the lending institution for the work we do to prepare, submit and manage your loan through the approval process and settlement.
Any loans we arrange are the same as those offered by the Lender, at the same Rates and Lender Fees (where applicable). Because of our experience and deep knowledge of Lenders, we are able to secure all available discounts and fee waivers that might not be offered to an individual customer.
We use our own state of the art research software together with our experience to tailor our recommendations so they best meet your needs for today and the future. We compare your eligibility and needs with hundreds of loans available from our extensive panel of Bank and Non-Bank Lenders.
We present our recommendations to you in writing including suitable alternatives so you can make an informed decision. Buying a loan or mortgage is like buying a car. Everybody likes the advertised special, but on closer examination they discover that the features and options they really need are often not included.